Scientific Organisation

Idea, Project Manager & Conference Chair:

Enrico Schicketanz, Mag. Art.,
University of Erfurt

Peer-Reviewers & Session Chairs:

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand,
University of Vienna

Dr. Simone Claar,
University of Kassel

Dr. habil. Kai Koddenbrock,
University of Bayreuth

Nomaswazi Mthombeni,
University of Witwatersrand

Paola D’Orazio, PhD,
Ruhr University Bochum

Enrico Schicketanz, Mag. Art.,
University of Erfurt

Anil Shah, M.A.,
University of Kassel

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Spilker,
University of Salzburg

Panel Discussion Chair:

Dr. Werner Raza,
Austrian Research Foundation for International Development

Local Organising Team

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brand

Stefan Schreier, Caroline Krischek, Natália Kancelová and the administrative staff,
Department of Political Science, University of Vienna

Alexandra Wassipaul and her team,
Conference and Event Management, University of Vienna

Segal Hussein

Julian Niederhauser

Our Sponsors

City of Vienna (Stadt Wien Kultur)

Chamber of Labour Vienna (Arbeiterkammer Wien)

Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna

Chair of Glo­ba­liza­t­i­on & Po­li­tics at the University of Kassel

Austrian Political Science Association