This paper session will take place on:

Tuesday, 28 September 2021, from 16:00 to 19:30 (UTC+2).

Session Chair

Enrico Schicketanz will chair this session. The political economist and historian graduated as Magister Artium from the University of Potsdam with a thesis on German Navalism. Currently he is writing his PhD thesis about Sovereign Money and Monetary Sovereignty in a Democracy at the University of Erfurt’s Center for Political Practices and Orders. For this research project he received a grant by the Hans Böckler Foundation. In addition to researching financial systems, he also focuses on social-ecological transformation and still on Navalism, Imperialism and Geopolitics/Geoeconomics.

Contributors & Papers

Christoph Sorg:

Contentious debt politics and the democratization of finance.

Discussant: Carolin Müller

Carolin Müller:

Who’s the Credible Sovereign? European Creditworthiness in the Global Pandemic.

Discussant: Ellen Alexandra Holtmaat

Ellen Alexandra Holtmaat:

Currency Characteristics and Covid Government Expenditures.

Discussant: Christoph Sorg

Session Outline

Each research paper will have a time slot of approximately 45 minutes:

15 minutes presentation of the paper

3 minutes co-presentation by one of the participants

20 to 25 minutes discussion