This paper session will take place on:

Wednesday, 29 September 2021, from 11:30 to 15:30 (UTC+2).

Session Chair

Ulrich Brand will chair this session. He is Professor for International Politics at the University of Vienna.

Contributors & Papers

Stefanie Wöhl:

Gendering Democracy and the International Political Economy: Perspectives beyond the “Growth” Paradigm and the Need for Social Reproduction.

Discussant: Michael Messal

Michael Messal et al.:

On the way to systemic-relational value creation? How disruptive changes favour the democratic and socio-ecological transformation.

Discussant: Jón Ólafsson

Jón Ólafsson:

Political agency, democratic and undemocratic transformation.

Discussant: Stefanie Wöhl

Session Outline

Each research paper will have a time slot of approximately 45 minutes:

15 to 20 minutes presentation of the paper

3 minutes co-presentation by one of the participants

25 minutes discussion